Student Center Training Guides

HUB Student Center is the University at Buffalo’s online one-stop shop for students that can be accessed through MyUB. Within the Student Center students can register for classes, check their grades, request transcripts, manage their finances/financial aid, maintain their personal information, and much more. All students enrolled at the university from spring 2011 forward have access to HUB.

Watch a 30 minute overview of the HUB Student Center.

Using the Student Center
Training Topic & Job Aid Video Tutorial
Using the Student Center Overview (PDF) Video Tutorial
Setting User Preferences (PDF) Video Tutorial
Academics Training Materials
Training Topic & Job Aid Video Tutorial
Viewing Your Advisor (PDF) n/a
Viewing Your Class Schedule (PDF) Video Tutorial
View Class Book Requirements (PDF) Video Tutorial
Apply for Graduation (PDF) Video Tutorial
How to Check Your Graduation Status (PDF) n/a
Create a What-If Advisement Report (PDF) Video Tutorial
Guide to Using MyPlanner (PDF) Video Tutorial
Dropping a Class (PDF) Video Tutorial
Determine Add/Drop/Resign Deadline Dates (PDF) n/a
Enroll using My Requirements (PDF) Video Tutorial
Shopping Cart Appointments (PDF) n/a
Search for Online Courses (PDF) n/a
Enroll using Class Search (PDF) Video Tutorial
Enroll using Class Number (PDF) Video Tutorial
Enrollment Swap (PDF) n/a
Guide to Wait List (PDF) n/a
My Advisement Report Overview (PDF) Video Tutorial
My Transfer Credit Evaluation Overview (PDF) Video Tutorial
Enrollment Verification (PDF) Video Tutorial
Request Official Transcript (PDF) Video Tutorial
Request Unofficial Transcript (PDF) n/a
How to Check Your Mid-Term Grades (PDF) n/a
Schedule Builder – Basics (PDF) Video Tutorial
Schedule Builder - Tips (PDF) n/a
Schedule Builder – Locking Specific Sections Video Tutorial
Schedule Builder – Excluding Specific Sections Video Tutorial
Finances Training Materials
Training Topic & Job Aid Video Tutorial
How to Read Your Bill (PDF) n/a
How to Pay My Bill: Students and Authorized Payers (PDF) n/a
View Financial Aid (PDF) Video Tutorial
Accept/Decline Financial Aid Awards (PDF) n/a
Complete a Summer Financial Aid Application (PDF) n/a
Receive a TEXT Notification when Your Bill Arrives (PDF) Video Tutorial
View Financial Account (PDF) n/a
Personal Information Training Materials
Training Topic & Job Aid Video Tutorial
To Do List (PDF) Video Tutorial
View/Update Personal Information (PDF) Video Tutorial
View Holds (PDF) Video Tutorial
How to find your Person Number (PDF) n/a
View Social Security Number/Individual Taxpayer Identification Number in HUB (PDF) n/a
Viewing Your Name in HUB (PDF) n/a
Student Preferred Name Guide (PDF) n/a

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