Overview of HUB (PDF)

  • Know the new terminology—review the Glossary of Terms.
  • Save frequently—System sessions are set to shut down after 40 minutes of inactivity. An inactivity warning will be issued after 30 minutes. If the session shuts down and you must login again, data that was not saved will be lost.
  • Warning and error messages are built-in validations; if you get a message, read it carefully before trying to move on.
  • If there are screens you use frequently, you can make those screens Favorites like you do for websites in Internet Explorer or Firefox. Simply navigate to the page, click “Add to Favorites” in the upper right of the page within the blue header. Once you are done, the page will appear in a list under “Favorites” in the upper left of the page in the grey bar within the header.
  • On the pages where you see the message, Pop-up Blocked, click on the message bar and select “Always Allow Pop ups.”
  • Open and use additional Windows. Use the New Window link in the upper right hand corner of the page to open another window. DO NOT open another browser window.
  • If you want to leave a page before completing it, use the “Return to Search” button at the bottom of a page rather than the browser’s back button or you can always click on Home (top right page bar). A prompt box may appear that will ask if you wish to save or exit. Use CANCEL to leave a page without saving data.
  • You can’t break the system! If you don’t want to save something you are working on, just navigate away from the page, clicking CANCEL to leave the page without saving data. Likewise, you cannot save a record when a required field is missing; the system will bounce to the field that is missing and highlight the field in red.
  • Security—User access is driven by security; if you can’t see something you think you should, submit a Request Help form (UBITName and Password required).
  • You may tab to fields or point a mouse or touchpad arrow into a data field and click to enter data.
  • The (+) and (-) signs on the pages indicate where you can add (+) or delete (-) a row of data.
  • When searching for a person, type in as much of the ID number as you have. This will get you the smallest number of results to sift through. If you have a large number of results, press [Ctrl+F] to bring up a “Find” box that allows you to search within the page.
  • The system is constantly validating data entry from lists of values; if you enter a value from a drop down box or a lookup prompt, the system may hesitate momentarily while the value description is brought forward and displayed on the page.

Last updated: October 31, 2017 12:24 pm EST