Data Access & Reporting: SIRI

SIRI consists of pre-built reporting wizards to assist in the gathering of student related data. Here you can find out more about how to gain access specifically to HUB student data. You will need to request access to these reports and data through the described process.

To obtain access to data either through SIRI or by populating a Microsoft Access database by connecting to InfoSource student records tables, you will need to request access.

Request Access to Student Records Data and SIRI Requests

SIRI HR/Business Data Requests

SIRI Training Materials

SIRI Listserv

As each one of us has different data needs, it is recognized that we can be each other's best support. A SIRI listserv has been set up that you can email questions to. Those that have elected to be part of this listserv are interested in news about SIRI and help with SIRI data from our university colleagues. The address is

If you wish to join, leave, or edit your option as it relates to the, you can do so at any time by going to UB’s Listserv website.

Where it asks you the “Name of the List to join to Leave” type in siri-student-list as shown in the illustration. Then hit Continue.

You will then have to complete the online form indicating your desires.

Last updated: July 11, 2017 9:33 am EST