Campus Community

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Campus Community Training Materials
Training Topic & Job Aid
Changing a Students FERPA Restriction Status (PDF)
FERPA Information Disclosure Consent (PDF)
How to Use the Audit Viewer (PDF)
Student Preferred Name Staff Guide (PDF)
Student Services Ctr (Student) (PDF)
Update Address (PDF)
Update Names (PDF)
Update Phone Numbers (PDF)
View Comments for an Individual (FA-063) (PDF)

Service Indicators

Service Indicators provide the ability to assign positive or negative impacts to an individual’s record to identify services that are available to or should be denied for that individual. They can also be used for reporting and tracking purposes.

Service Indicators Training Materials
Training Topic & Job Aid
Adding and Releasing Service Indicators (PDF)
Mass Assign Service Indicators (PDF)
Mass Release Service Indicators (PDF)

Student Groups

Student Groups provide the ability to define similar types of students at a high level. They enable tracking of students collected within the groups. They can be used for campus wide processing such as enrollment appointments, billing, academic advising and financial aid awarding.

Student Groups Training Materials
Training Topic & Job Aid
Adding or Inactivating Student Groups (PDF)
Batch Updating Student Groups (PDF)

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