VPN/RSA Tokens

UB has adopted a more secure login process for accessing administrative HUB functions. This process is called two factor authentication, which incorporates the concept of:

  • Something you know
  • Something you have

Two factor authentication uses RSA SecureID Token and Cisco AnyConnect; users are required to setup a PIN that is associated with their UBIT Name. The PIN is “something you know,” and RSA SecureID Token provides a Passcode, which is “something you have.”

Departments determine the type of token an employee needs and arranges for a software token or fob once the employee completes their security training and is pre-authorized for administrative access to HUB.

For each user, please include:

  • Staff member’s UBIT Name in need of a token
  • Staff members supervisor’s name
  • Supervisor’s title
  • Supervisor’s campus phone number
  • Supervisor’s UBIT name
  • Department staff member works for
  • Software or hardware fob
  • If hardware FOB, the account number to be charged ($62.34 each)

For additional information about this, please refer to the UBIT website.

Need to replace a lost, dead or damaged FOB? Submit requiests to the UBIT Help Center Online. Please include the reason for replacement.

Last updated: October 31, 2017 12:08 pm EST