Request Access

There are two types of access to HUB: self service and administrative. Self service access is granted based on a person’s relationship to the university (example: Student and Faculty). Administrative HUB access is granted by module and the university role the administrator holds. It must be requested by the user and their supervisor. There are several state and federal laws that require the university to establish procedures that limit appropriate access to specific pieces of information that can be accessed through HUB.

To obtain administrative HUB access please complete the online form


  • Before completing the form, you must complete Handling Data Safely Training on UBLearns.
  • It is advised that you fill out this form with your supervisor, as you will need their approval/signature.
  • When a user changes roles on-campus, we remove all of their transactional HUB administrative access. It is the responsibility of the departments to inform us when a user leaves. Users must re-submit the online form for HUB access in their new role.

Last updated: June 11, 2018 6:12 pm EST