Academic Advisement

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Navigation changes: Please read this job aid first (PDF).

Academic Advisement Training Materials
Training Topic & Job Aid
What is Advisor Center (PDF)
How to Assign an Academic Advisor to a Student (PDF)
Accessing Academic Requirements (Academic Advising Report) via Student Services Center (AA-012) (PDF)
Request the What If Academic Advising Report via Student Services Center (AA-012A) (PDF)
Understanding the What If Academic Advising Report (AA-014) (PDF)
Authorize Student Exceptions – Course Directive (PDF)
Authorize Student Exceptions – Requirement Waiver (PDF)
Authorize Student Exceptions – Requirement Change (PDF)
How to View a Path Finder Exception (PDF)
Producing a Transfer Credit Summary Report (TC-010B) (PDF)
Reading the Transfer Credit Summary Report Results (TC-10C) (PDF)
Viewing Transfer Credit using the Student Services Center (TC-016A) (PDF)
Viewing Transfer Credit in Historical Course Enrollments (TC-017) (PDF)
How to Use the Audit Viewer (PDF)
Apply a Milestone for an Individual Student without an Existing Milestone (PDF)
Apply a Milestone for an Individual Student with Existing Milestones (PDF)
Batch Process Milestones (PDF)
Guide to Wait List (PDF)
How to View Major GPAs from a SIRI Report: Applicants and Awardees with AAR Requirement Status (PDF)
HUB Advisor Planner Guide and Need to Know (PDF)
MASTER CE Milestone for Single Student (PDF)
MASTER CE Milestone Batch Processing (PDF)
GRAD FAC Milestone for Single Student (PDF)
GRAD FAC Milestone Batch Processing (PDF)

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