During the Summer of 2008 the University at Buffalo determined that the student information systems used would no longer meet the demands placed upon the system as a result of changing state, federal, and university needs. The project, called the Student Services Transformation (SST) Project, was underway to search for a new student information system. The first steps were to employ a series of fit/gap sessions to determine the best product to purchase for the University. From these sessions, it was decided that PeopleSoft Campus Solutions would best meet the needs of the campus community. In the Spring of 2009 the university began a major data migration planning process.

UB realized its first major production milestones of going live with the UB Course Catalog and the new MyUB in August of 2010. That fall students re-branded the Student Information System “HUB” and new UB domestic applicants began using MyUB. With various modules going live major training initiatives began migrating students, faculty and staff to the new system.

Since the Fall of 2010 other major milestones were reached when all the modules found within Student Records went live. These were soon followed by having the academic advising, student financials, and financial aid modules going live.

As the project came to a close, it was realized that there needed to be a coordination unit that supported and helped each of the modules realize their associations with other modules in the integrated system. This unit was formed in the Summer of 2011 under the a joint governmental structure that reported through the Office of the Registrar and a oversight body made up of university administrators representing undergraduate and graduate students, and IT interests.

To find detailed information about the SST Project, visit the team’s website.

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