How do I access the HUB Faculty Center?

The Faculty Center can be accessed directly from MyUB. A tab will be located at the very top of MyUB where links to MyPage, UBmail and UBLearns are currently located.

You will not need to repeat the process of providing your UBITName and Password and you should have no trouble accessing the page whether you are on or off campus.

When is the HUB available?

HUB Faculty Center is available daily from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. The administrative area of HUB is available daily from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Very rarely, the system is unavailable due to upgrades. See the HUB Alerts section for planned maintenance dates.

How do I prevent being logged off of the system after 10 minutes?

HUB Faculty Center will log off after 10 minutes of inactivity. A warning will appear prior to logging you off. This warning may be blocked by your pop-up blocker.

In order to receive the warning message, users should make sure that their popup blockers are turned off (Job Aid link: Enable Browser Pop-ups). This way you will get a warning that, by clicking on it, will restart the log-off timer. Also, we strongly suggest saving your progress every five minutes. This will also restart the log-off timer.

How do I enable my courses in UBlearns?

The link to enable Ublearns classes is now located on the MyUB “Teaching Toolbox” section under “UBlearns Class Setup (primary instructors)” or click on https://myub.buffalo.edu/blkbrd.

Why can’t I see my other classes when I press the Class Roster tab?

In order to see your class rosters you need to click on the icon of the three people standing in a group to the far left of the page right next to the course titles. This basically goes and fetches that class information and displays your class roster information on the page. Clicking on the class roster tab directly brings up the last class that you looked at.

How do I see classes I taught in the past or classes that I will teach in the future?

To access class rosters from other semesters, either past or future, click on the green “change term” button in the middle of the screen. Keep in mind that when you open your Faculty Center it will default to the last semester you were looking at so you may need to navigate to your desired semester.

How do I generate an Excel spreadsheet from my class roster?

When you are on the class roster, you can click on the small matrix with the red arrow symbol to download the class list. Please see the screenshot below. If your document does not appear, try to hold the CNTRL key down when you press the small matrix button. If you are still unsuccessful at retrieving the document, please try using a different browser.

screenshot of HUB roster view

How do I print my class roster photos?

From the My Schedule page click on the class list icon of the class that you want to view. Part way down the page, beside the “Select display option,” click on “Include photos in list.” This will bring up the photo and some information on the first student on your class list. To view a one column roster, which includes information such as major and level, click on the “View All” link to view all of the photos of the students in your class. You can then print off that webpage but you may experience some formatting issues.

You can also choose to generate a three-column photo roster. After clicking “Include photos in list” you can click the green “printable photo class roster” button in the bottom right hand corner. A new page will open up (make sure you have pop-ups off!) and will display the three column photo roster which can be printed.

Do not click on the “Printer Friendly Version” as that will only generate a class roster that does not include photos.

I’m having trouble printing HUB pages from my browser.

Download a helpful guide (PDF) to work around the printing problems.

Why don’t I see my resignations?

One way to think of a resignation is as a student assigning themselves an “R” grade for your class. You will see that a student has resigned or received an “R” when a grade roster is generated for your class. The creation of a grade roster is a process that is enacted by the Registrar’s office and will occur sometime after Drop/Add in the semester.

The class roster does provide a way to see the students that have dropped your course during the Drop/Add period, but does not indicate which of your students have resigned from your course. An effort is underway to provide the data faculty need to identify students who resigned.

How do I input my grades?

You can submit grades via HUB Faculty Center. You can find more information about three different ways to submit your grades (individual grade submission, batch grade submission, or via an external file such as Excel) by viewing the faculty training documents.

What should I do if I get the message “Our records indicate that you do not have access to the Grade Roster for this class” when trying to post my class grades?

Please contact your department scheduler to determine if you have the appropriate access to the Grade Roster and request them to update it appropriately.

Is the grading process different at mid-term grading than it is at the end of the year?

For grading tips, see the following job aid.

Faculty can assign any of the undergraduate grades found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

For information about Graduate School grading, please see the Graduate School website.

How do I post my grades?

Unlike the previous system that created a separate page/display to let you know that your grades were submitted correctly there is not the same confirmation in the HUB system. With HUB, when you are inputting grades via the Grade Roster page you will be working in the “Roster Grade” column. This is the “draft” or “working” area for grades. You can assign grades to students in this column, even change grades, but they must be officially submitted to become part of the student record.

When you submit your grades, in the Grade Roster Action box, you need to change the Approval Status of the roster to “Approved” and then click on the “Post” button in the lower right hand corner. If there are any problems with the submission you will receive a pop-up warning error, such as “All students in the Grade Roster must be graded before it can be approved” (which is a typical warning).

How can I check that my grades are posted?

If there are no problems and all of your grades are accepted there is no separate notice or confirmation, but you’ll see that the “Official Grade” column in the roster becomes populated with your grades. The grades that are in the “Official Grade” column are the grades that are being assigned to the academic record of each student in your class.

How do I change a grade after it is posted?

Once grades are posted it is possible to change them by clicking the “Request Grade Change” link just to the bottom left of the Approval Status drop down box. You will select the new grade for your student from the drop down, click the green “Submit” button in the bottom left. The words “Success” should appear in a new column by the new grade. When you go back to the grade roster you will see that the student’s old grade is in the Roster grade column and the new, changed grade will be in the “Official” column. All other grades should stay the same.

This function is available until a day after the grading period has closed (normally 8 days after the last exam day). The link will disappear when it is no longer an option. After this point you will need to submit a grade change form which can be requested from departmental assistants.

When are grades due?

Faculty can always check the Registrar’s website to find out when grading due dates are.

What is the Wait List?

The Wait List feature will allow eligible students wishing to register for a closed course to add themselves to a wait list. Students are assigned a number position on the wait list, and will automatically be enrolled in the course as seats become available and will receive an email notification from the Office of the Registrar. Students are responsible for removing themselves from the wait list, or dropping the course if they are no longer interested. Please see the following guides for additional information: Faculty Guide to Wait List (PDF) and Wait List FAQ (PDF).

Who can I contact if I have questions that have not been answered?

If you need assistance using HUB, complete our Request Help form (UBITName and Password required).

Questions about the HUB system can be sent to hubmail@buffalo.edu.

Last updated: July 11, 2017 9:32 am EST